Hot water boiler: 10 tips to improve the performance

If you really want to save on heating, follow these 10 tips. Your hot water boiler will yield more, and your wallet will appreciate it.

1. Verify that the different intakes (gas, water inlet, and outlet, electricity network) are in good condition.

2. Check that the boiler water pressure is correct: around 1.2 bar with a margin of +/- 25%

3. Regulate the working temperature of the boiler for heating: the appropriate temperature is usually 55-60ºC (although on colder days, and depending on the installation, it may be necessary to raise it a little more ). 

If it is a boiler that also produces DHW, it also regulates the temperature at which you want hot water to come out of the taps. If it is an instant mixed wall boiler, the temperature should be around 110°F. And if it is a boiler with a built-in accumulator or with an external accumulator, around 130°F.

4. Regulate the idle temperature: it is recommended to be kept around 75°F during the day, and at 65°F during the night.

Install a thermostat to program the boiler

5. It will turn on only when you need it depending on your needs and habits.

6. Make sure you have purged the radiators well and remember to do it at least once a year before winter comes.

7. Install thermostatic valves on the radiators, combined with thermostatic heads, and you will achieve energy savings of 8% to 13%.

8. Do not put clothes or other objects on the radiators. Also, do not place chairs or furniture in front of them, since they make it slow down the heating process.

Make periodic checks of your hot water boiler:

9. With proper maintenance, your boiler will work better and last longer.

10. If your boiler is old, replace it with a condensing boiler. Superlative condensed gas boilers allow you to save up to 30% on gas. Once you have done this, you can enjoy your boiler with peace of mind!