Why choose an industrial electric boiler?

Electric boilers get a bad reputation because they are usually more expensive to operate than their gas counterparts. However, industrial electric boilers offer plenty of advantages that other types do not. Here we’ll try to give you the info needed to help you determine if an industrial electric boiler is the right choice for your business. Plus, you can always reach out to our resident STEAM team to answer any questions you might have!

What is an industrial electric boiler?

First, we must determine what an industrial electric boiler is. An electric boiler passes water through en electric element, which heats it up to either heat your building or to have hot water and, in some cases, steam.

It is well known that electricity is usually more expensive than gas. However, industrial electric boilers can heat water overnight when the tariffs are lower. That allows them to store the water in an insulated tank for later use. The stored hot water allows electric boilers to meet demands for hot water much quicker and with high pressure.

Green Options

If you have solar panels installed on your business, you can have a completely green heating system. Solar panel technology has evolved a long way in the past few years. They pay for themselves with energy savings on average in about eight years after installation.

Industrial electric boilers last for around twenty to thirty years with proper maintenance before they need replacing.This option doesn’t burn gases or release harmful waste into the atmosphere. This makes it an even greener option. That means around two decades of environmentally friendly heating with the use of solar panels!

Industrial electric boilers are cheaper to Install

Industrial electric boilers don’t require gas line installation on your place of business. In some areas finding and installing gas lines to a property can become a challenging and expensive proposition.

Having said that, an electrician should look at your building’s electrical grid and see if it can handle the new industrial electric boiler. If it can’t, you may need new wiring, which might get expensive fast!

Always ask for an expert’s opinion before committing to a new boiler!

Highly Efficient

Electric boilers don’t lose energy through waste gases. They are the most efficient out of all the heating solutions. Their efficiency can reach as high as 99%.

Safer than Other Options

They don’t release harmful CO2 like other boiler systems, which could prove lethal if not closely monitored.

No Annual Service Necessary

Natural gas and oil boiler rooms need to be serviced at least once a year. Industrial electric boilers do not. This is one less point of failure and you don’t risk damaging your boiler by forgetting to service it on time.

No Moving Parts

No moving parts means fewer points of failure, less maintenance, less noise, and less wear and tear.

The quiet operation is a big plus, especially on buildings where the work area is close to the boiler room. Working without constant humming is a blessing that we hardly ever appreciate.

Vulnerability to Blackouts

One of the potential downsides of industrial electric boilers is that they go down if the grid goes down. That means that if a snowstorm knocks out the lights, you are in for a bad time. That’s just one more reason to install solar and power banks to be self-reliant.

Are you looking for a new industrial electric boiler?

Here at Teems Electric, we specialize in boiler room installation. If you are interested in purchasing and installing a new boiler or replacing your old boiler, let us help you choose the one that’s right for your business.

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