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If you are looking for electrical help around your home, we can provide it. Teems residential team has helped thousands of people in the Chattanooga area and we look forward to helping you too!

We offer
estimates for home repairs. Schedule an assessment today!

to work with us. Tell us about your project and we can help!

We are
and up-front with pricing. There are no hidden costs or fees.


Whether you are a contractor or full service construction firm, our team of experts provides the best in electrical services and installations. We like to be involved from the ground up so that we can provide the best quotes, prices and services in the industry.

Our staff is
with 60 years in the electrical industry.

We offer
for our quality, high-value work.

We are
from start to finish,
getting involved early.

Whether you need to change a light bulb or are looking to install a whole electrical system for your home, look no further than Teems Electric.

Our residential electric team is the best of the best, with nearly 60 years of combined experience doing what they do best.

Our company and contractors are licensed and insured in 14 states and 11 municipalities, including Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and other surrounding areas.

Our specialists will
investigate your problem or project and provide you with a personalized quote for your home repair project
FREE of charge.

Teems has helped thousands of people in and around Chattanooga with lighting and electrical issues and are ready and willing to help you too!

We like to be involved in the whole process. Before you break ground on a project to putting the last bulb in place, we come to you and guarantee a job done right, every time!

Our hourly rates and project prices are competitive with industry standards, however, we guarantee transparency in pricing – with no hidden fees and no surprises!